Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giving Thanks In Kindergarten

Thanksgiving Fun!

Integrating Math Into My Thanksgiving Unit by completing an exemplar on the Activ Board. My students love these word problems.

 We are thankful for so many things in kindergarten!
I read The Very First Thanksgiving Day, by Rhonda Gowler Greene and we discuss the meaning of Thanksgiving. We make a class list of things we are thankful for. Then, my students complete an individual sheet and illustrate what they are thankful for. These pages can be turned into a class book or used around a Thanksgiving bulletin board.

     Circle Map Flip chart
reviews foods that we eat on Thanksgiving.

We love participating in a special Thanksgiving feast in our kindergarten classroom. The students also enjoy the Feathery Fun Family Project. These are two great activities that I use in my classroom to integrate Thanksgiving. Above, you will see the two letters that I send home to parents.

 Turkey crafts are so much fun! We use a paper plate, tissue paper, and construction paper pieces for the face and legs.

 Thanksgiving double bubble map that compares and contrasts Thanksgiving now to the past.

 Thanksgiving turkey craft using tag board pieces for the body and different colored handprints for the feathers. This is one of my favorites!
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